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You are to write a 5 to 6 page DOUBLE-SPACED paper addressing one of the following topics.  The paper must use a size 10 or 12 font with page numbers and margins of 1 all around.  You may use informal, simplified references(e.g., Aristotle, Bk1, ch1; Kant, p. 23).  Failure to adhere to formatting guidelines will lower your grade.

You will be judged on the accuracy, comprehensiveness, originality, cogency, and coherence of your argument.  Incorrect grammar and syntax and spelling mistakes will lower your grade as well so make sure you run spell check and grammar check before submitting your paper.  You should cite relevant passages to show that you have understood the argument of the thinker whose work you are explicating and/or critiquing.

Outline Kants and Benthams account of what qualifies as a crime and as a punishment.  Compare and contrast their accounts (i.e., find similarities and differences).  After sketching the two accounts and doing the comparison and contrast, discuss several advantages and disadvantages of each approach.  Which approach do you think is more helpful and why? What difficulties do you see even with the approach you deem to be better? (i have added attachments for reference)

Crime and Punishment
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