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Laurie Clarke. (2020, February 12). Report on AI in UK public sector: Some transparency on how government uses it to govern us would be nice. The Register.

You will be
required to summarise and analyse it with regards to:
the evidence and sources its key arguments are based on, 
the societal benefits and/or risks it raises, and
alignment with ethical technological design principles.

Ability to clearly describe in your own words the article’s content and
Ability to identify the key arguments and explain the underpinning
Ability to critically evaluate the arguments and evidence, using an
ethical technological design framework. 
Ability to appropriately cite and reference your sources.

submission should answer the following questions:
A. Who has written the article? Where has it been published? What is the
expertise/reputation of the publication venue? When was it published?
B. What is the article about? Summarise the key argument(s) in your own words 
C. What evidence (e.g. academic research, government report, company statement, etc.) is
referred to, described, and/or otherwise used to support the key argument(s)?
D. Where do you agree and where do you disagree with the key arguments? What evidence
supports your views?
2020  2
E. Which principle(s) of Beard & Longstaffs Ethical Design Framework are most relevant to
the issues discussed in this article? How does this framework help to evaluate the articles
key arguments?

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