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Types of articles to research:  Any topic dealing with issues and events regarding international and national life, politics, welfare, mishaps, or celebrations.
Resources:  You will find articles from the following print sources:  Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Newsweek, Time, U.S. News and World Report, Economist. Do not use other sources until you consult me first. For the time being, you will not use the Internet to find articles.

Current Events finished product (see example at the bottom of this page):
A. UNDERLINE unfamiliar vocabulary words and names.  Be sure to look these words/names/terms up before coming to class. Be prepared to share how to figured the unknown words out!
B. Length:  All current events summaries must be at least one, double-spaced, typed page in 12-point, plain font (times new roman).
C. Components:
In paragraph one, you will state the date the article was published, the location of the situation, the source, the author, and who is involved in the article. This information should not appear only in the title, nor should it appear in list form. Write a paragraph, in sentences, documenting the citation information.
In paragraph two, give a short summary of the article. The summary is a re-telling of the article in your own words. Do not copy/cut and paste the article directly.
Paragraph three is the most important. This is where you give your opinion of the article. In the third paragraph, you need to state an opinion that is linked in some way to the facts in the article.

Current Events
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