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Please Read this Article –

After reading your article, respond, reflect and react in 1 to 2 pages. Your response should include a direct reference to your article, either through quotes or an idea.

Consider the following questions to get you started–note that you do not have to address all of them:

What are my three takeaways? The 3 ideas that will stay with me, inform me, and inspire me.
What aspects of your article do you agree with? Is there anything you want to argue with?
What are some concepts that you aspire to incorporate into your everyday life in regards to race relations and creating a more just society?
What are your greatest frustrations regarding the Floyd incident and the aftermath? How does it impact you as a person?
What role is stereotyping playing in this story (both of Floyd and Chauvin)?
Why is Floyds race and Chauvins race such a huge factor here? Why does race matter so much?
What is a responsible response to the police violence? What kind of protest might make a difference?
How do we resist blame or hatred of all police officers? What are the consequences of blaming all of law enforcement?
What do you envision as being the outcome of the protests?
What does, or should, a just and civil society look like?

Current Events Article Essay
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