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This week you will be looking at the area of study for your topic. This is not set in stone but this will help focus the project topic you are seeking to research.
The assignment should be no less than one page, excluding the title page and references. Must be formatted using APA style guidelines.
The assignment should have a title page, section headings and references. You should also have the following sections:
Problem: what is the problem you wish to research on. What is the rationale for this research problem?
Make sure to include supporting references for your statements. They should be relevant to what you are seeking to accomplish.
Purpose Statement and Research Question
For this weeks assignment, you will develop the purpose of your project paper and align it with the problem statement that you developed in Week 1.  In addition, you will develop the research question(s) based on the problem of your study.
Include the Background and Problem from your week 1 assignment (do not label it as week 1 assignment).  Following the Background and Problem, give the Purpose of the study and follow this by your research question.  You should provide these in that order and label each section accordingly.
Make sure you provide citations for each statement of fact; it all needs to be supported by previously published literature.  This should all be done adhering to APA guidelines.

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