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Answer these questions:
1.Could Luminar grow and generate sustainable competitive advantage?

2.As a corporate venture, how much autonomy should it have within Entravision, and how can Rios secure internal buy-in from the rest of Entravision?

3.What is the promise of big data and how does Luminar plan to exploit it in order to create value?

Your analysis should show that you have understood details of the case but also display that you have thought through realistic out of box ideas as if you were in the same position as the case actors.
If you are writing more than a page per question you are writing too much. If you are writing a few lines it is too little.
Detail the ecosystem and strategic constraints of the industry/player when answering the question.

Cases will not look like a data strategy case study. In real life, situation dont  appear like a data strategy issue.
Consider every point we discuss in class. They are all relevant for both the  cases.
Consider yourself as the decision maker and how data strategy is relevant in  that situation
Do not assume that if you referred part of the solution in another part of the  analysis that I will automatically assume you meant to add it to the solution in  question.

Data strategy
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