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Assessment Description

This is an individual assignment. You must make a reasonable attempt at all parts to obtain a passing grade.

Objective: Construct a small commercial database and demonstrate its functionality

Identify and examine three different websites which offer an online purchasing facility. Look particularly at the interactive pages used for the purchasing function and from these lists all the fields that have to be completed by the purchaser for each site. (Note that you do not have to limit yourself to data-entry fields, for higher marks analyse the websites for other possible attributes.) From your three sets of attributes, produce one generic list.  (15%)

From this generic list, construct an Extended Entity Relationship (EER) diagram for a database that would support an on-line purchasing facility. Construct a supporting Table Schema. Explain your thinking, and any assumptions made in this process. (25%)

Using the software provided, build tables to represent the entities from the Table Schema. Invent data to represent stock for the tables created. Insert six records into each table. Provide screen dumps of all the CREATE TABLE statements and the completed tables. (10%)

Design five data retrieval queries for this database that demonstrate your skill with SQL and run them. Provide screen dumps to show each query and its output, explain for each query what it was intended to do, and how the data from the tables proves its successful operation. Demonstrate complex system queries for higher marks. (50%)

IMPORTANT: I don’t need a lot of words, I just need to complete the task

Database Design and Implementation
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