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In this paper I need to write a definition argument that answers these fundamental questions:
What does it mean to be Muslim in America?  How do Muslim Americans get defined within larger ideas of American identity?  From where do these definitions come and why are they important?

Required Content and Tools:
The essay must define the idea/experience/character of American Muslimswhat is it like to be a Muslim in America?and address a counterargument or counter-definition that complicates your claim.
Your essay must consider the sources and/or effects of these definitions. ( I attached the reading articles for you)
Your essay must in some way discuss the definition(s) relationship to ideas of American identity.
Your essay must reference TWO of the articles I provided, including at least one of the peer-reviewed articles (Akram or Ali).
Your essay must reference TWO articles YOU FIND through your own research, one of which must be PEER-REVIEWED (TI{E AFTERMATH OF SEPTEMBER 11, 2OOI, or Shariah and Citizenship-How Islamophobia Is Creating a Second-Class Citizenry in America)
Your essay must include a Works Cited list that gives the proper citations for all sources referenced. Total of 4 sources needed.
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeThesis and Textual Analysis
The essay should have a well-developed and clearly defined thesis that presents a complex definition of Islam and the experience of being Muslim in America. The essay should employ strong topic sentences and support these claims with textual evidence and analysis.

Defining Islam
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