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This week we are dealing solely with the concept of representation, which as you know was only an inchoate idea in the ancients and developed into a central preoccupation in the moderns. To get a better grasp of the concept of representation, read the assigned works in the order suggested, and keep in mind the questions I posted under each article.
Then answer the following question(s) in no less than 750 words. Please make sure to provide sufficient textual evidence from the readings to support any claims or comparisons you make. This means you need to identify key quotes from the readings and cite them properly to support your analysis. Please do not use any sources outside of the required readings for the class.
1. How do the different authors define the concept of representation? Please make sure you identify their definitions and compare and contrast them.
2. What are the central dilemmas the various authors identify in relation to the concept of representation? (To help you find them, please look for the word “dilemma” throughout the various readings).
3. What issues do Urbinati & Warren identify in their work? How do they compare and contrast to the central dilemmas and issues the other authors identify?

Democratic Theory
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