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Please comprehensively respond to the following prompts in a clear and concise manner. Your responses will be graded according to their accuracy, insight, and clarity


1.       Describe what you have learned about implicit bias.  In what ways does the most recent research change the way that scientists think about implicit bias. In your answer, please make sure to correctly discuss the 5 horsemen of automaticity as they relate to implicit forms of prejudice and discrimination. (2 pages)


(5 horsemen of automaticity:


1. Unconscious

-We’re unaware of the mental process or the output of the mental process (a thought)

(if you are conscious—> controlled thinking)

ex: i like ice-cream (conscious)

but process is unconscious


2.                   Unintentional

-we did not purposely start the process

when say banana (my brain working unintentionally)


3.                   Uncontrollable

                     We cannot stop or change the process/thought

Sneeze as well


4.                   Efficient

-We can multitask the process with others

complicated cognitive work

drive your car


these are independent


5.                   Fast

-The process completes quickly or thought arrives quickly

2.       Describe, in your own words, how the cycle of science has been potentially undermined through the malevolent application of two specific quantitative social indicators.  What are these indicators?  Why do we need them, and still use them to this day?  What is the evidence suggesting that they have been corrupted? (2pages)


3.       How are people’s early experiences with primary caregivers related to their later intimate relationships as adults?  Be sure to relate your answer to the three different attachment styles. (1page)

à Please use social Psychology terms.


Describe what you have learned about implicit bias.
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