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WHEY is Sports Nutrition Company and it is specialized in Nutritional Supplements for sporty people. The company offers a range of protein drinks and shakes in various flavours, protein bars, capsule supplements and vitamins. It distributes its products through gyms, nutrition stores, and trainers all around Spain.
  Its mission is to develop the most scientifically advanced and effective supplements to help you build muscle and strength, lose weight, and improve athletic performance.
  For this assignment, we will assume this organization seeks to recover the leadership position in the national market. The company lost the leadership position during the last five years due to not to have adapted the company to the new market changes and environment. The marketing department has a reduced activity and is currently just focused on traditional marketing.

The company is complete out of the Digital Marketing world. It is currently just focused on the body building sport without paying attention to the new sports where the use of supplements is growing a lot (crossfit, endurance, triathlon, MTB and BTT, boxing, etc)
  All of these reasons have driven the organization to be almost out of the market with no presence any more.

  You should take on the role of Marketing and Brand Director that will redesign the entire Marketing and Branding Strategy to become a leading company in the Spanish market again.
  The assignment should at least include these areas:
Marketing strategy

these things must be included in the assignment:

digital marketing strategy
asking celebrities to talk about the brand in their social media platforms etc.
company’s advertisement videos will be played in famous gyms in spain

Developing Marketing Strategies
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