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Week 1 : Your Health Campaign Project (HPC) for this class is the built each week as you complete each component  The project will result in the design of a health promotion campaign.  You will not actually do the campaign.  You wiil be doing the background work that would be necessary fo designing a campaign.  Begin thinking about what health behavior you would like to educate others on, what behavior might be important to you, your family, friends or your community, and determine your target population of interest.  As you complete each weeks assignment you add it to the same Word file.  There should be a title page in the file and then each week’s topic will be added under the title for the assignment,  I will edit the work and give feedback and then you update your main file after grading.  If you do this then you will not need to do more work at the end of the project.

You should have determined by now which health education topic you would like to focus your campaign on and the population of interest. Download the Project word file.  The first assignment is the Topic section.  In your Word file Topic is the title for this assignment.  Fill in the information you want for your project under the the following subtitles:

Health behavior Topic:

What is the health behavior you are promoting?

Target population:

Who are you trying to reach with your  health campaign. 


What are the characteristics of population such as race, socioeconomic status, age, gender

Geographic boundaries :

What is the boundaries of your health campaign such as local county or city

Diet, smoking or Exercise
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