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Choose at least two texts (essays from different weeks/time periods) and one film (from any time period), make a 4-6 page argument about how forms transcends phases and how African American culture and sexuality are represented in these texts (essays/stories) & film. What arguments do the authors/filmmakers make about sexuality?  How do they represent these arguments? What strategies are most effective (literary or rhetorical techniques, visual representation)?  If applicable, do you find continuity in representation across periods?  Are there gaps or missing threads (and if so, is there in evidence toward why)?  

Make sure it has a TITLE.

You do not have to cover the entire ground of the topic just make sure the texts/film support the topic (its okay to leave the argument to be continued if extending beyond 6 pages)


Black Like Us (Carbado, McBride, Weise, eds.) available on for FREE

No Tea, No Shade (E. Patrick Johnson)

Black Queer Studies (E. Patrick Johnson) 

Black on Both Sides: A Racial History of Trans Identity (C. Riley Snorton)

Films:  Daughters of the Dust, (or Jezebel, Netflix), Moonlight, Pariah, Precious (should be available on Netflix or online streaming sources).  

Different Forms of Black Sexuality Over Time
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