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Disaster Case Analysis

Select major U.S. or international disaster, and prepare written analysis 5 – 8 double-spaced pages (12 pt. font, 1 inch margins), including in-text citations and references in APA format.
*****I have chosen the topic: Covid-19 pandemic in the United States around when it became serious in our country so around the months of February-April.****

The analysis should include:
-Incident overview
-Description of the disaster and impacts
-Community/jurisdiction demographic overview
-Overview of response (involvement of government, private sector and non-profits)
-Major Emergency Management policy issues raised, some examples may include:
-How effective was the mitigation, preparedness in advance of the event?
-How coordinated was the response and recovery?
-What went well, what could be improved?
-Relate back to the Emergency Management principles

-Emergency management organization and preparedness program, examples include:
-How the EM organization structured (inclusive of emergency management, fire responders, government, private sector, etc)
-Emergency Operations Plans and how they address the phases of emergency management covered (mitigation, preparedness, response, recovery)
-How is the whole community integrated in the preparedness programs
-How all-hazards are considered and addressed.
-Discuss improvements you would make, including integrating an all-hazards, whole community approach and addresses all phases of emergency management, and why

Disaster Case Analysis
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