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Charles is a 20 year old college student who was recently diagnosed with HIV. His diagnosis was confirmed. Charles was upset when told that he was infected by HIV because he believed that “Asians don’t get HIV”. During an interview process, Charles indicated that he is homosexual, but only uses condoms about half the time. He is sexually active and has had between 10-20 partners in the last year. He considers this a time of exploration and did not commit to a homosexual identity. He stopped having sex with men about a year ago and is now in a serious relationship with an American woman. Charles’ family really likes his American girlfriend and they are putting the pressure on him to produce grandchildren. Charles does not want to tell his family about the HIV diagnosis because of homophobic comments and he does not want to burden them.

In your discussion post, provide information relative to the environmental, psychological, behavioral and health factors that have influenced Charles. Finally, propose a solution, based on research, to Charles’ health behavior. Your initial discussion response should be cited indicating research and application of information learned.

Discussion 1 Behavioral Health Case Study
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