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You’re installing a new network for CSM Tech Publishing, a new publisher of technical books and training materials. There will be 10 client computers running Windows 10, and CSM Tech Publishing plans to run a web-based order processing/inventory program that for now is used only by in-house employees while they’re on site. CSM Tech Publishing wants to be able to manage client computer and user policies and allow employees to share documents. Sign in and security should be centrally managed. What network model (workgroup, or domain) should be used? Explain your answer, including any server roles you may need to install.

Your client, CSM Tech Publishing, has been running Windows Server 2016 Essentials Edition, which you installed about a year ago, and is using the Active Directory Domain Services, DNS, and File Services roles. The number of computer clients has grown from 25 to 40 in the past 6 months, and additional growth is expected. The owner mentioned that he will need to sign in to the server periodically to do maintenance and monitoring and he is not very familiar with PowerShell.
Which edition of Windows Server would you recommend? Do you think a clean installation or upgrade is best and would you recommend Server Core?

The owner of CSM Tech Publishing was at the sales office last week and out of curiosity wanted to sign in to the server there. The owner is somewhat tech savvy and has even worked a little with Active Directory in Windows Server 2012. He was shocked when he signed in and didn’t see a familiar user interfaceonly a command prompt. He asked you about this and accepted your explanation of Server Core and why you chose this installation option. However, he was wondering what would happen if you stopped providing support or were unavailable for an extended period, and your replacement wasn’t familiar with Server Core. Write an email explaining how this situation could be handled easily.

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