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Technology in the Workplace
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Technology has changed the way we work today as compared to years ago. Employees are more satisfied and effective due to the fact that they get to decide on when, where and how they work. Technology is the fuel that enables all these choices.
It has allowed how teams interacts in new ways. Now teams can work remotely and across wide distances. It does not have to be face-to-face meetings and impersonal conference calls.
In How consumer technology is remaking the workplace, Nick Slattery, said it is surprising how quickly companies seem to have lost control of the tool of information revolution. Most employees are not using companys desktop computers any more but uses their personal mobile devices to check work email, review company data, manage projects and create contents.
Using personal devices and tools gives employees more flexibility. It also improves on productivity because they get to work where they feel most comfortable.
We see how technology has helped a lot especially during this pandemic. It made transition from working at the office to working from home easy. In living the coronavirus work-from-home life, there are helpful tech tips that the writer shared with us.
The articles suggested from how to keep our devices charged to getting quality videos when on zoom meetings. Also, on how to alternate between sitting by a desk to using a standing desk just to reduce the pain of sitting for too long. Most employees are able to continue working remotely due to technology without causing a huge loss to their company.
I use the companys desktop right now where I intern. It is a small Care Agency, so they do not even have a computer department. I even found out when they were trying to set me up on outlook, that the computer guy comes in as needed. He gets paid about $250 an hour any time he comes, so try not to use him all the time.

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