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Directions: Students, in paragraph essay form, answer the following discussion questions. Every question should be answered thoroughly and thoughtfully. No plagiarism and only use credible, reliable sources. No Wiki, Investopedia, etc. Cite court cases, court rulings and scholarly journals as well! Each question should be only one page per question!

Discussion Questions:
1) What elements must be present for there to be a meeting of the minds to form a contact? Example: If you are very frustrated with your car after being told that a repair will cost a lot of money and say, “I’d take 2 cents to get rid of this money pit of a car.” Can you say, “sold, here is a nickel and you can keep the change” and have an enforceable contract? (Answer question and add the example to your explanation.)

2) Demonstrate that you understand the concept of legal consideration. If a company promises you a job and you quit your existing job and move to a new state for the job and prior to your first day, the company imposes a hiring freeze and cannot hire you, can you enforce the contract? Would the doctrine of promissory estoppel or some other theory apply in this situation?

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