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Environmental Conservation

The impact of humans on the environment differs among countries. Analyze the population change of one of the countries in the list below and identify the environmental problems relating to this change.

In this report, you will need to analyze and explain the changes in the population structure in your chosen country. Once you have given a comprehensive overview of these changes, state how these changes will affect the environment within that country. This report should be five pages long single-spaced in 12-point font (not including diagrams). It should be fully referenced and include a bibliography of the sources used for your material. The textbook is a good starting point for your report however, it is not adequate as your only source of research material. At least two other sources should be used and fully referenced.

Select one of the following countries to analyze for your report.
New Zealand
Sri Lanka

Collect research material relating to your countrys demography and its environmental problems.

Tasks 1.

Introduction to your chosen country. This should include but is not limited to:

The geography and location (climate topography water resources soils etc.) of your country
Its level of economic development (developed developing resources major industries)
Urbanization (major cities, movements)
History (Brief)
Social Cultural implications
Task 2

From the information collected produce a written analysis of the changes that have taken place in your countrys population structure. Give reasons for these changes and try to predict possible future trends (look at a past population rates, present and how they will change in the future use maybe a thirty-year span). In this analysis areas which have to be included (but not limited to) are

Birth rates
Death rates
Natural increase rates
Patterns of migration (regional national international)
Age structure
Fertility rates
Infant mortality rates
Population density
Life expectancy
Task 3

The second part of your report will focus upon the environmental problems faced by your chosen country. You will need to explain the major environmental problems that your country faces, the sources of these problems and specific examples within your country. You need to use illustrations maps, graphs etc. to enhance your work in this section This could include topic areas such as (but not limited to):

Air pollution
Water pollution
Soil erosion
Problems relating to urban expansion
Waste problems
Destruction of habitats
Task 4

The conclusion of your report should focus on what was identified in part one and two. You should conclude the paper stating how you think the changes in demographic structure (identified in task 2) would affect the environmental problems (identified in task 3) or how the environmental problems will affect in the future demographic structure.

Task 5

You need to use graphs maps and illustrations to enhance your text. These must be fully reference within the text

District Republic of the Congo
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