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We’ve come a long way this term, discussing many different facets of New Product Development in biomedical products. We’ve looked at the process itself, as well as many of the different functional areas within biomedical products companies that participate in the process. Now it is time for the product to come to market.

Marketing plays a significant role throughout the entire development continuum, but most especially when the product is in late-stage development, and at the time of launch. One marketing tactic that has been used since the early ’90’s, and which remains controversial to this day, is Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) advertising. Currently, only the United States and New Zealand allow DTC advertising (for Rx products), and it continues to spark debate. The AMA, among other organizations, has even weighed in in recent years, calling for its removal. However, on the other side of the argument, there are many who believe that DTC advertising brings necessary and timely information to the public that would otherwise not be available.

What do you think about DTC advertising of biomedical products? Please provide your opinion and reasoning.

DTC advertising of biomedical products
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