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For this project, you will research a solution to address the recent threat to the security of an e-commerce operation that you defined in Research Project 1 in Week 3. This is the continuation of your Week 3 project, and your revised Week 3 work will be included with the submission of this project. You will provide appropriate policies, procedures, products, and services that will effectively mitigate the risk of the e-commerce threat.

IMPORTANT: Please remember that this threat must be related to e-commerce, which, with very few exceptions, is now a web-based operation.

Research: You are expected to use credible sources upon which to base your report. In cases when the source is necessary, but credibility is not assured, you must address this issue in the text of your paper. You are required to use APA style for both in-text citations and the Reference section at the end of your paper. You must use a minimum of four sources.

Originality: Although you will be using outside sources for this project–and using citations to indicate where ideas have come from within the sources–all writing must be in your own words. No direct quotations of outside sources are allowed.

Required Elements

1, Cover page
2, Table of contents
3,  Presentation of the threat including how the threat was identified, the technical features that characterize the threat, how it works, vulnerabilities it exploits, and so forth
4, Diagram depicting the mechanism of attack and exploitation
5, Potential or actual consequences including damage to hardware, software, data, personnel, financial losses, and so forth: You should identify the nature of the security compromise (i.e., data confidentiality, integrity, availability).
6, Risk assessment based on the concepts

E-Business Security
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