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Module 4 Assignment 1: Early Adulthood Academic Essay
The purpose of this assignment is to further your understanding of early adulthood and the various challenges faced by those in this developmental stage.

Respond to either Option A or Option B. Use the Essay Rubric to guide your essay writing.

A) Please watch It’s About Time We Stopped Shaming Millenials in its entirely. As you write you essay, answer these questions:
If you are not part of the millennial generation or generationZ, how do the challenges of today’s young adult differ from the challenges faced by your own generation? How are the challenges similar? If you are a part of this generation or generation z, how accurate was this documentary regarding the challenge of your generation? Please provide specific examples from your own experience and observation throughout the essay. What important challenges were left out? What does it mean to you (regardless of which generation you are a part of) to be a young adult in today’s society? How does identity development change during these formative years?

B) Watch the talk Why 30 is not the new 20.
Romantic relationships and finding a career path are two major developments tasks accomplished during the transitional stage of early adulthood. As you write your essay, answer these questions using specific examples from your own life throughout: As you find yourself in this stage, or as you once were in this stage, what personal developmental tasks and conflicts are you/were you faced with? What specific personal life structures are you creating or did create to meet these tasks and conflicts? How have your life structures regarding romantic relationships and career been influenced by your family, peers, and cultural norms, or personal values?

Submit this assignment to the assignment folder.


Checklist for Maximum Points:

Essay focuses primarily on theory and research, integrating both throughout
Demonstrates strong, in depth thought, insight and critical thinking of concepts and application from the module readings and other scholarly sources
Uses a professional, academic writing style with no grammatical or spelling errors
Essay is 1,200 or more words in length
Uses three academic sources, two of which are from academic, peer-reviewed journals
Uses correct APA in-text citations throughout and includes an APA reference page
Please see the Essay Rubric for assessment criteria.

Early adulthood
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