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** Read the attached article and answer the questions **

Moderna shares jump along with broader market. The Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500 closed at records Monday after a second set of upbeat test results from a potential Covid-19 vaccine lifted shares of companies that have been walloped by the pandemic.


Question 1:  What news from Moderna caused the positive market moves on Monday?

Question 2:  How have small company stocks performed recently?  What index did the article use to measure small company stock performance?

Question 3:  How will stimulus affect the markets and do you forsee any risk that could mitigate the affect from the stimulus?

Question 4: What have other asset classes signaled to the market about their economics expectations going forward? Do you agree or disagree?

Question 5:  Does the speed of production concern you?  Would you take the initial deployment of the Covid Vaccine?  If not, when would you consider taking it?

(Separate your response by question number)


Post a link of One article that supports One of your responses to the questions above and/or provides more insight on the subject discussed in the article.

ECON Discussion Article Questions
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