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Defend a communitys need for a particular public health initiative.

You are one of the medical providers at a clinic associated with the local health department. It has been noticed that more patients in the clinic waiting room have been reading medical news on their smartphones. Many of the patients have conversed with staff regarding various medical issues and public health initiatives that they have read about on social media. Since public health initiatives can be communicated quickly through social media, you have been tasked with creating several posts on the health department’s social media sites to help community members understand the importance of the initiative.

Research one public health initiative in your community and create a series of social media posts to present the need for the initiative in your surrounding community. Include text and images that will clearly and effectively communicate the need for the public health initiative. The details of the actual announcement are yours to decide. These posts will not be live posts and should be created in a document form of your choice for submission (word, PowerPoint, PDF, etc.).
Be sure to include the following:
3 Facebook posts
3 Instagram posts
3 Tweets (Twitter)
A summary of why the public health initiative is needed for your community

For assistance with creating Facebook posts, please visit this Facebook resource.
For assistance with creating Instagram posts, please visit this Instagram resource.
For assistance with creating Twitter posts (tweets), please visit this Twitter resource.
For additional information about public health issues and initiatives, please visit the following:
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
World Health Organization

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