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The course is in gifted education:

Book: Clark, B. (2013). Growing up gifted: Developing the potential of children at school and at home (8th ed.). New York, NY: Pearson. ISBN: 9780132620666

Read Chapters 9-10 in your textbook Growing Up Gifted.

Read the articles: Brulles, D. (2014). Identifying, serving, and supporting gifted students and their teachers: Paradise Valley’s comprehensive approach (Links to an external site.). Illinois Association for Gifted Children Journal, Winter, 54-58.

Youtube videos:

Document “RequiredArticles_3” is a list of articles that you must choose two from as citations.
Document “SPE588 L5 Video Transcript” this is the lessons transcript.
Document “SPE588_L5_Reading_Brulles_2014_pp” is the article required to read.
Document “EducationPlan_Rubric is a worksheet to help you with the educational portion.
Document “SPE588 Signature Assignment Rubric” is the rubric for the assignment.
Document “SignatureAssingmentInstructions” IS THE PAPER INSTRUCTIONS, FOLLOW!.
Document “SPE588 L6 Video Transcript” is the transcript for lesson 6.

Also included 4 other lesson transcripts start from lesson one to lesson 4.

Please follow the instructions “SignatureAssignmentInstructions”. Please cite the book, the required articles that I had uploaded. And numerous other citations.

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