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In this assignment, you are to choose a social problem that you believe is very important.  Not only must you choose a particular problem, but you must also speak to possible solutions for the problem using a sociological lens.

The purpose of the paper is to integrate learning across students experiences, their unique areas of interest, and their community engagement and research. The paper will help students apply what they are learning and critically think about how to better understand and solve social problems.

In preparing your proposal, please first review the Final Paper and Presentation guidelines.

For the proposal, please submit the following:

1.    Topic: What is your specific topic? Make sure the topic is narrow enough. The topic education and social problems is much, much too broad. How middle school girls in low-income areas are negatively impacted by standardized testing is a narrow topic that is appropriate. Think about what your central question is, your thesis, and the population or area you want to study. The topic should go well beyond what we have covered in class, but what we have covered n class should inform your topic. You are taking a deeper dive.
2.    Thesis: What is your thesis regarding the topic? (one or two sentences that convey the main point or claim you are making.)
3.    How your topic ties in with the course readings: Provide a few sentences which link specific claims/ideas in the text or course readings with claims you are making in your paper.
4.    Two Scholarly Sources: Identify at least two scholarly sources and provide the following:
a.    A complete citation -appropriate ASA or APA style
b.    A description of each article including the authors main claims/findings, the population they have studied, and the methods they have used. This should take about one full paragraph per article.
5.    Individual Action: What individual action have you taken or are you planning to take to better understand the problem?
6.    Group or organization: What group or organization will you be examining?

Craft a logical proposal of approximately 2 pages that addresses the requirements above.  Please answer the prompts as numbered 1 through 6 above.
Please use ASA or APA formatting. Use 12-point font, Times New Roman.

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