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You  are  looking  for  a technology  within  the  general  topic  you  chose  that  is  in  its  infancy.  For  example,  if  there  were  a military group and you were in  it, you couldnt do drones because we already use drones.  You could, however, do remote driverless tanks because they are being experimented with now, but are not in wide use. The technology you choose must be realyou cant just dream something upand it must be workingit cant be in the concept stage, it must exist in some form.  You also want a technology that is researchableif you cannot find information on the technologyyou chose, you  must  change  your  technology.    That  bears  repeating:    if  you  cannot  find  enough  information  on  the technology you chose to complete this project, you must change the technology you chose.  After  you  have  done  some  preliminary  research  to  make  sure  you  can  find  enough  information  on  your technology to fulfill the requirements of the assignment, post to the discussion board letting your group know.  Each person in your group should be researching a different technology5 people, 5 technologies.Whoever
posts the technology  first, gets itso if  you want to do remote tanks and someone else already claimed  it, you have to find something else.Write your paper.Your paper needs to be noless than 1500 words, which is roughly 6 double-spaced pages.  You can write as much as you want over that number.  Your paper should include a cover sheet including anattention-grabbing title and page numbers.  It should be double-spaced, 12 point font.  Your paper should cover:1.The history of the technology.  a.Using the driverless tank idea, I would summarize the history of tanks in general, the history of driverless technology, and the history of driverless tanksb.Be sure to include how the public reacted to each technological advancement as well2.The current state of the technologya.Who is currently working on driverless tanks?  Who is building them?  Where are they being built?  Who is using them?  What experiments are currently being done?  Have driverless tanks been used in the field? And so forth.  Be sure to take in to account work being done outside of Americaweve fallen a bit behind technologically in some areas, so it may be another country is going to get there firstif so, who is it?3.The future of the technologya.Who do I think will  be the  first to use driverless tanks?  Where will they  be  manufactured?  Who is going to benefit?  What will they cost? How will it affect the job market?  How will it affect warfare?  How will the public react?  If there will be objections, why?  And so forth.You are expected to use what weve learned about technology, how and why it advances, and how society responds to it in crafting your paperso keep it all in mind and be sure to address it!Include a full bibliography of all sources used at the end of your paper.  The bibliography, obviously, is not included in the word count.  I am not putting a limit on the number of sources because I want you to use all the  sources  available,  and  that  will  vary  depending  on  your  topic.    I  do,  however,  insist  that  you  use  our embedded librarian to help find sources, as well as internet sources.And fair warningif I google your topic and I can find sources that you did not use in your paper, it will count against you.  Demonstrating your ability to thoroughly research the topic is part of your grade.You can also use in-text citations for this paper, although you should keep in mind that any quotes you make will not count toward your word count. 

The topic I chose is Education.

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