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Key words: 3-5 words or phrases separated by commas that capture what your paper is about

Start writing your intro, no need to write introduction as heading, just begin the paper. Spend a couple sentences introducing your topic. Often papers cite one or two key sources in introducing the topic. Make sure it grabs the reader. Then include your research question or the hypothesis you are testing. Include a line about why this topic is importantbut not just in terms of a personal value judgment; how does it help scholarship or society in a fairly non-ideological or non-sectarian way? Write a transition sentence to your literature review.


You can write literature like above, or some other relevant title to indicate the beginning of the literature review. Suggestions might include Theoretical Background or a topical title like Gangs in the U.S. Then write a couple sentences that introduces the layout of the literature review. Basically tell us what sections follow and why its laid out that way. Do cite at least one item offering a key theoretical frame. Then write a transition sentence to your two to four sub-sections. Use second level heading/title format.

Sub-Title 1

You wont actually write sub-title, here you give me a title that makes sense of how you are organizing your literature review. Cite 3-5 items per section. Each section can be a paragraph minimum up to a page or so.  Write a transition sentence to the next section.

Sub-Title 2

Then you do the same thing for each additional section. Three sub-sections are plenty for a paper of your length. Most of your citations will be in the literature review. You may cite items more than once, especially if they are relevant to more than one topical area of your literature review. Each section in your literature review ends with a transition sentence.

Sub-Title 3

The whole literature review should be double-spaced. Be sure to put page numbers. Avoid too many direct quotes, and only one block quote (if any). The vast majority of your citations should be paraphrased. Dont forget the page numbers on actual quotes.

Write a paragraph summing up the literature review and restating your research question.


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