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So this is the third paper due in the series of papers:

This weeks paper is utilizing the same topic from the last paper to do:

This week, review your literature and look for gaps of knowledge in your topic. What is missing? What questions do you still have that you can potentially solve in your research? Compose a two- to three-page paper that outlines the framework for your research project.

Address the following:

1) Explain the problem and briefly summarize the research you have completed in your literature review.

2) Define any gaps or relationships that are apparent and how you will address them in your project. Be sure to reference back to your research questions and problems to ensure that the gaps correlate with your problem and questions.

3)Demonstrate that the solution you propose is not based on your personal opinions or guesses, but is formed from the facts that you have read from previous research.

4)You may find that you are adding onto your references and your literature review based on a new investigation and that is okay!

5)Explain your perspective and reference any nursing or informatics theoretical underpinnings if it supports your framework.

Effects of Integrating A Community Health Fair to Improve Population Health
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