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Required Reading:
Casemore S. (2018). Measuring the ROI of employee engagement. SHRM. [PDF file].
Half, R. (2018). Effective employee retention strategies. [PDF file].
Harter, J. (2018, August 26). Employee engagement on the rise in the U.S. [PDF file].
Kappel, M. (2018). How to establish a culture of employee engagement. Forbes. [PDF file].
Klotz, A., & Bolino, M. C. (2019). Do you really know why employees leave your company? SHRM. [PDF file].
Mathis, R.L., Jackson, J.H., Valentine, S.R., & Meglich, P.A. eds. (2015). Human resources management (15th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning. ISBN 978-1-305-50070-9. Chapter 5.
SHRM. (n.d.). Developing and sustaining employee engagement. [PDF file].

Discussion question:

Review the Alegent Health Case Study (Mathis, 2015).  Describe how Alegents retention practices aligned with the readings. How do mindfulness, collaboration, and dialogue impact the companys retention practices?
Then, share your thoughts on employee retention and engagement at your organization (or previous organization).  Which three practices and/or techniques could you apply to your own organization?  Explain how these would be helpful to the retention and engagement of employees. Please provide specific examples.


Employee Relationship
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