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Write a 500-700-word Self-Evaluation for your final activity. Your submission should be MLA-formatted, and submitted before the deadline.Write an organized submission one with a central thesis, driven by support for that thesis.

Your Self-Evaluation should address how you did this semester how your academic practices improved, how your understanding of concepts or skills increased, how you learned from mistakes, and how you have prepared yourself for future classes and careers. For this reason, you may use first person, but should maintain an academic tone.

Your Self-Evaluation should be cohesive. It should include claims supported by specific examples and evidence.

Effective Self-Evaluations:

Include specific, quantifiable results.
Avoid lists, bullet points, or reliance on only grades.
Incorporate feedback that you have received, and how you used, incorporated, responded to, and benefited from that feedback.
Showcase what makes you unique, and how you differentiate yourself from others.
Include 2-3 areas for continued growth meaning things you should and will continue to work on and improve.
These can be skills, experiences, or academic practices (like time management).
My Advice:

Compare your first writing assignment in this class to your most recent.
Think about what has changed. Think about specific moments and experiences.
Remember that narrative, specifics, and details are the most compelling.
Be honest with yourself. What should you have done that you didnt?
Dont be afraid to brag a little.
Where did you really excel where did hard work really pay off?
Think about how the skills youve been building in this class will benefit your future.
Dont forget the writing process!
Start with a thesis, organize a multi-paragraph essay that supports that thesis, plan the essay and gather evidence, write a draft, take a break, revise and edit, get feedback from someone, and come back to polish the final draft.
Check details and formatting.

English 1301- Self Evaluation Essay
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