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Exploring Databases and Being Strategic When Conducting Research
Part 1: Exploring the Databases
1. Go the Canvas Student Resource center and access the Library. Find the Databases section and select the Go to A-Z
List icon.
How many databases are in the list?
2.  Change the
All Subjects
menu dropdown to correspond to your field of study at Herzing.
(For example if you are an Accounting major, select Business; if you are a Criminal Justice major, select Public Safety; if
you are a Medical Assistant major, select Healthcare; if you are a Nursing major, select Nursing, etc.)
List your field of study/major at Herzing University
: ________________________
List the corresponding subject from All Subjects dropdown
: _________________________
How many databases are in the list?
3. Go back to the Databases section of the Library and notice that the same Subjects are listed.  Once again, select your
subject area; browse the list of databases available.
If you were assigned to write a paper about the most current issue facing your profession, which database would you
select to conduct research on this topic and why?
Database name: ______________________________________________________
Explain why you chose this database:


4. Go back to the A to Z list. Once again, select
Clear Filters.
Using the “Letter” menu select “P” to jump to that section, and scroll until you
find ProQuest Central
and select it.
This database will open up to the Basic Search Page.
Enter search terms related to a medical topic of your choice.
List your keywords/search terms: ________________________________________
5. Click on the “I” next to Peer Reviewed.
What process do peer-reviewed publications go through?
Who authors scholarly journals?
6. Check the box next to Peer Reviewed (for this step leave Full Text unchecked) and run your search.
How many results are displayed?
7. Now limit to “full-text” by doing one of the following: either check the box for full-text and hit search OR look for Full-
Text in the left margin under Narrow results and click that.
How many results are displayed after applying this limit? _______


8. Scroll down to below where you are allowed to adjust the date range, on the left-hand side of the screen. What is
listed there are ways you can narrow your search. Please list two of these options.
List two options:
9.  Find a result that is of interest to you and select the blue title words to reveal more details about the article.
In this view of the article notice the tools at the right for downloading the PDF (if available) as well as Cite, Email, Print,
and Save.  Select “Cite”
Explain what the Cite button does:
Click Cancel.


10. Close out of this database and return to the A to Z List. Once again, select
Clear Filters
In the “All Subjects” drop-down menu, select
You will see a “Best Bets!” section at the top of the list, these are
the most relevant databases related to that subject matter.
Business Source Complete – Ebsco
from the list.
11. Business Source Complete opens up to the Advanced Search Screen
Enter search terms related to a business topic of your choice (example advertising and sports).
List your keywords/search terms:
In the
Limit your results
section, check the boxes for Full Text and Scholarly (Peer-Reviewed) Journals and run your

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