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What are your research aims? The aim of the thesis is to identify the best procurement practices in the oil and gas industry through a case study approach to analyze the current practices. It determines how best procurement practices can optimize the supply chain cost in the Indian oil and gas sector. 

What are your research objectives? 1. To determine the issues faced due to current procurement practices in oil and gas industry in India. 
2. To explore the impact of current procurement practices and suggest improvement in oil and gas industry performance in India. 

What are your research questions (these should match objectives)? 1. To identify the extent to which procurement practices are carried out
in the oil industry in India?
2. To determine the effect of procurement practices on the performance
of oil industry in India? 
What are the 6 main themes you will research in your literature review (LR)?
Your completed LR will be around 4,500 to 6,000 words.
Please provide a list of 6 themes with a sentence or two about each theme and at least 2 sources for each of those themes. 2.1 Introduction
Review of current procurement practices in oil industry in India. It covers procurement practices, best procurement practices, operational performance, context in oil and gas industry, context in oil and gas industry in India.

2.2 Procurement practices
Explains about the steps used to acquire goods and services at most value added benefit to organization. Also it mentions about the process involved in procurement. (Ngugi & Mugo, 2012) and (Livohi, 2012)

2.3 Best Procurement Practices
The principle of best procurement practice include accountability, where effective mechanisms must be in place in order to enable procuring entities spend. There are various best practices followed they are listed below:-

2.3.1 Supplier Relationship Management
Improving the buyer supplier relationship which is involved from being transactional in nature, collaborative and alliance based. (Odgen, 2007) and ( Wu & Weng, 2010)

2.3.2 Green Procurement
Using of products and services that have lesser effect on environment and human health when compared to competing products and services that serve the same purpose (Zhu et al., 2007) and (Nikbakhsh, 2009)

2.3.3 Ethical Procurement
In ethical procurement it aims to avoid conflicts of interest and not making improper use of individual positions, also help to reduce the cost of risk associated with fraud, theft etc. (Weele, 2012) and (Mamic, 2005)

2.3.4 Supply Market Intelligence
Products are acquired and analysed based on information in order to understand the present and future market (TCO). This helps the oil refinery to make right decision about which market to buy from. (Klingman, 1988) and (Johnson et al., 2011)

2.3.5 E-Technology
To eliminate the poor integration and coordination oil refinery should use latest technologies like AI, bigdata there by reducing the complexity of technology. (Jack, 1998) and (Holdaway, 2014)

2.4 Procurement Practices in context from Oil and Gas Refinery
In early years oil refinery mainly focused on high volume of oil and gas from rich resources and where more concerned about capital cost of construction and equipment than paying attention to long term procurement strategies. (Sidhu, 2003) and (Wright, 1996)

2.5 Procurement Practices in context to Oil and Gas Refinery in India
Sustainable supply chain management is considered as an important organizational element to reduce the environmental risk and impact. Interpretive structural modelling method was used to establish a mutual relationship among the drivers which not only help in understanding relationship between critical success factors. (Raut, 2018) and (Gardas et al., 2017)

2.6 One more section need to be written, which I don’t know what to fit here. 

Enhanced procurement practices for optimized supply chain cost in oil and gas industry in India – a case study
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