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For Essay 2, we will be focusing on two broad topics. The first broad topic is REALLY broad, and that is the topic of entertainment. If you were to take out a piece of paper and write Entertainment at the top, and someone asked you to think of every single thing that people consider a form of entertainment, how many words could you think of? I’m sure we could all think of words to fill the entire page or several pages. That’s how broad this topic is. I would suggest starting to think about this first theme by doing that for yourself. Then look back over your list and see what specific aspect of that word you’d like to focus on.

For example, if you listed “sports,” that is still really broad. If you narrowed that down to “football,” that’s still really broad. Keep going. Keep narrowing.

The reading assignment here barely touches the surface of entertainment. You will really need to think about this topic on your own.

However, we will get warmed up anyway. First, go read Entertainment: The Rhetorical Situation.

I’ve attached the reading and the questions are at the bottom. Answer 2 of the 4 questions under the introduction.

Then watch “How Social Media Makes Us Unsocial” and write a strong one-paragraph response to it.

Entertainment Reading and Discussion
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