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this assignment should include:
1. courses readings that I provided
2.A minimum of 5 other references, in addition to those used from your course
readings. Such sources should be drawn from reliable professional or academic sources engaged in the public debate. We caution you to be extra vigilant in determining the validity and authority of the authors and sources before inclusion in your own analysis. Examples of such sources include (but are not limited to): o Academic books and journal articles
o Government and industry websites;
o think tanks and environmental non government organizations, and o mainstream media

Further instruction is attached

*must cite course readings*

course readings :

Fauci, A.S. December 2005.  Emerging and reemerging infectious diseases.  The perpetual challenge.  Academic Medicine. 80(12): 1079-1085.

Toxics 1

Freedman, Bill.  2015.  Chapter 18. Toxic Elements. In Environmental Science. A Canadian Perspective. Dalhousie Libraries.  Digital Editions.

Toxics 2

Environmental Defence Canada.  2017.  Full Disclosure: The case for stronger household product labelling.

Environmental Defence.  2005.  Toxic Nation: A Report on Pollution in Canadians.  P. 1-10

David Suzuki Foundation.  2010.  Whats inside that counts.  P.5-11 (Links to an external site.)

Environmental health essay
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