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Topic:  If your best friend were to describe you using three words…


Use real life examples that demonstrate the idea.  Here is an example of a body paragraph based on a thesis statement that uses the word benevolent. 


I think my best friend would describe me as benevolent because I am a very giving person.  Recently, Jordan had a problem with the transmission in his car that required it to be in the repair shop for a little over a week.  Without hesitation, I gave him a lift to work and school, and on the days that I did not have classes, I loaned him my truck.  Additionally, my friend knows that I  love animals and that I volunteer my time at the local animal shelter.  Almost any Saturday, friends and family can find me caring for the animals waiting for adoption by petting the cats or walking the dogs.  Last spring,  the shelter was overcrowded and had no space for a litter of motherless newborn kittens.  Against my parents’ wishes, I fostered the kittens keeping them in my room  so that I could give them the extra attention.  Even though these babies were bundles of cuteness, they certainly tested my “giving” nature  and my parents’ patience with their loud meowing  at two in the morning.  In addition to Saturdays spent at the animal shelter, I  share my time working as a big brother at a local after school program three  afternoons each week.  While there, i play different types of games with the children, help complete homework assignments, and sometimes just lend an ear to someone who has had a bad day.   Some people might say that I am too generous with all of my giving; my philosophy is that I may be in a place of need someday, and I would want someone to be there for me.


Your essay should have an introductory paragraph, 3 body paragraphs with at least 3 supporting detailed examples (one for each describing word), and a conclusion paragraph.

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