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Essay #2
Choose one of the following:


Let The Great World Spin contains a lot of powerful imagery. What do you feel is the “point” of this novel? Specifically, what does it have to say to us today? Using specific images and language from the novel, develop an argument that makes a case for the novel being a representation of something specific and profound about America.


The role of women in the works we’ve covered is significant. Select four female characters from any of the works and, using specific, close readings of the material, compose an argument for what the actions, words, treatment of (how others treat the women and what the women can/can’t do about it) these women has to teach us about how things have been, are now, and should be for women in the world. You should tie in specific examples of “real-world” situations that help to make your point. That is, you should always seek to relate the fictional with the real. As you do so, you must be specific. Do close readings of textual evidence from both the literary works and the concrete (specific as opposed to general) “text” of the real-world.

Ian Schachte

essay, let the great world spin
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