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Ethics Paper

Select an current issue in healthcare. For example: childhood obesity, opioid epidemic, etc. Then go to: (Links to an external site.). Select a bill of interest as it relates to your selected topic of interest. For example: Bill HB2201 is on appropriating money to the department of health services for opioid antagonists: (Links to an external site.). You can search through the bills. Once you select one, to find out more information on the bill go to the documents tab.

Paper Should Include the following:

One paragraph introducing your topic issue.
Find one article supporting a change to the selected topic. Why is it important to address this topic in healthcare policy? One paragraph.
One paragraph to discuss the selected bill and how this bill will help address your selected topic issue.
One paragraph on how you will implement this change. What groups/individuals will you reach out to (i.e Arizona Nurses Association, legislators, etc). How will reaching out to these selected groups/individuals help you influence a change in policy?
One paragraph conclusion.
Included a reference page. You also must include in-text citations to avoid plagiarism. Owl purdue is a great resource for APA.

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