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Ethics Journal:


To apply critical thinking concepts as well as ethical concepts, principles and theories to current events.

Identify three news articles throughout the semester that relate to ethics in some way.  It is your responsibility to identify relevant articles for the assignment.  Major newspapers such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal are a few suggested sources that regularly publish articles relating to ethics in some way.
Note: The articles you have selected MUST be published during the semester you are enrolled in the class.  No credit will be given for any journal entries based on an article published prior to the first day of class for the section in which you are registered.
For each article, complete the following:
1)    Summarize the main point of the article, being sure to explain how the article relates to ethics.
2)    Analyze the article by applying at least two of the elements of thought to the article.
3)    Identify the central ethical concepts and/or principles that the article addresses, either explicitly or implicitly.
4)    Attempt to identify what normative theory the article relies on, if any.  Be sure to explain your reasoning.  If you do not see any theory as relevant to the issue, explain why you have come to this conclusion.
5)    On a scale of 1-10, explain how significant the article is for the general public to read.  Explain the basis of your analysis.
6)    Personal response/evaluation: what is your personal response to the article?  Does your response rely on any aspects of ethical theories we have covered in the class?
7)    Source.  Be sure to provide a weblink to the source of your article as well as proper bibliographic information in APA or MLA formatting.
Note: If you utilize a print source, you will need to scan and upload a copy of the article so that I am able to evaluate your work.

Ethis Journal
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