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Ethnic Situation Assignment

In this assignment, you are asked to dig deeper within the area. To prepare for this assignment, read the following:

  • Pages 242–249 in The Evolution of American Urban Society.
  • Pages 247–262 in The Ethnic Dimension in American History.

Use these readings, the discussion activities in this unit, the suggested Web site located in the Resources, and additional information you may find on the Internet to answer the following questions:

  • What is the predominant ethnic group in your chosen area? Was this group the predominant group prior 1990? 1975?
  • What are two other major ethnic groups in this area? Are they new to the area since 2000? Since 1975?
  • Have any major ethnic groups faced challenges because of new arrivals since 2000? If so, what were they and what actions did these groups take?
  • Have historically powerful groups fled to the suburbs?
  • Does this movement by ethnic groups correlate with the economic growth and success of these groups? Explain.
  • Have the languages spoken there changed in terms of number of speakers there since 2000? Does this mirror a change in the ethnic environment?
  • Have employment, housing availability, and educational opportunities been impacted by changes in the ethnic composition of the area since 2000? Explain the impacts or lack of these changes.
  • What ethnic groups have been empowered or frustrated by such impacts? Explain the empowerment or frustrations.

You must use APA format for your paper. Citations and resources must also be included and documented properly according to APA format.

Ethnic Situation Assignment
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