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Your research paper should address the following:

What legal and ethical barriers would prohibit the practice of Eugenics in todays society?

What efforts if any have been made in North Carolina to compensate the victims of Eugenics for this tragedy?

What were some arguments that allowed Eugenics to become an acceptable practice and why did advocates of the practice believe it would lead to the improvement of the human gene pool?

What has been the impact on the victims of eugenics?

The paper should be type-written in 12-point type, times font and double-spaced with one-inch margins.  All work and references should be cited using APA format.  An electronic copy of the paper should be submitted to Turnitin (a link will be provided) before submitting a hard copy to me on April 24th.  If your turnitin report indicates that your paper has use plagiarized language from other sources for more than 35% of your paper, revise the paper before submitting it to me.  Significant point deductions shall be made for any paper in which Turnitin indicates more than 35% of the paper has been used directly from other sources.  Please print on one side of the paper only.  Staple or paperclip pages together; please do not use plastic page covers or binders.

All students are required to use a minimum of five sources.  Remember not all that we find on the internet is true, valid, and credible.  Research implies that it is a process that requires us to search, search again and reflect, compare, and analyze the information we collect.  It is of critical importance that you acquire a broad range of information steaming from various sources.  You are required to utilize at least one hard source (Book) in addition to whatever you collect electronically.  You total minimum number of sources should be at least five.  An abstract and reference page is required.  These pages do not count towards to total 5 page count.

Eugenics in North Carolina
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