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please let me know if you have any questions.
please see the attached file for (the four-source essay
Please examine the sample paper for writing assignment #2 (the four-source essay). The paper is about the Effect of the One Child Policy on Elder Care in China. It is called StudentA_4source_sample.docx

This is not a perfect paper. More synthesis is certainly necessary between the sources. However, as you can see from the annotated bibliography, the student has narrowed her topic. She has moved from the general effects of China’s One Child Policy to the specific effect on the care for the Elderly in China.

Please read through the paper. Then answer the following questions. Your answers can be in short paragraphs.

1. In the paper, notice how the writer integrates the first two sources into the second paragraph? How do these two sources relate to each other? How could the student have made the relationship clearer?

2. The writer cited Zhang & Goza (2016) in various parts of the paper. What did these authors add to the literature on the Elder Care in China, according to this paper? You might focus on paragraphs 2, 3 and 5.

Examining a essay
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