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The participants used in this study were purposively selected from a list of registered coaches (Patton, 2002); The criteria required in order to take part in the study is that the coaches currently undertaking the UEFA ‘A’ Licence Award from a recognised National Governing Body, in this case The Football Association (The FA) or and were actively involved in the coaching of a team or at a club. The coach education programme starts June 2019 and completes May 2020, this study will commence June 2019 and be completed by July 2019 and will take place during the first third of the UEFA A course. Eight participants will be involved in systematic observations to observe, record and analyse coaching events and behaviours. I will use A modified version of the Coach Analysis and Intervention System (CAIS) as suggested in Cushion, Harvey, Muir & Nelson (2012) to see if coaches link the learning to the outcome of their behaviors in practice. Following analysis of the CAIS an interview with two participants to further gain insight to their experiences will be conducted, along with an interview with one of the course tutors about what they perceive the coaches’ learning journey on the course to be and how they get coaches from different experiences and coaching environments to meet the UEFA A Licence Coaching Competencies.

Examining Coach Learning on a FA Coach Education Course (UEFA A Licence)
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