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A survey was conducted in several schools and universities to evaluate young peoples various attributes based on measures like habits and specific preferences. The survey was structured to include distinct thematic questionnaires. The three main latent factors introduced in the survey were behaviours, personalities and preferences which came along as my research interests behind this survey. I am especially interested in understanding the underlying construct of the three hidden factors which are behaviours, personalities and preferences. As easy as one would assume intuitively, personalities create the fundamental concept which is in control of so many of our behaviours, either it is in a social context or when alone. For example, introverted people normally engage more in self-reflection as they spend more time indoors. As one would also suggest, personalities also pose an effect on preferences. For instance, organised people tend to spend less. This survey provided me a chance to probe into the puzzle of whether these proposed theories are true. Consequently, through this survey, I hope to address these three questions: First, do personalities dictate preferences? Second, do personalities influence behaviours? Furthermore, I am also interested in answering whether gender difference exists in personalities and whether measures of behaviours differ regarding education levels.

Exploring the Children and young people questionnaire
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