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Emotions and issues related to emotions are directly tied to real-world situations and applications.  For this journal, I want you to take the readings for each week and directly apply some aspect of the reading to a real-world issue. 


I will be looking for a detailed description of the readings and how the required readings directly relate to the real world phenomena you select.  You will be using your readings, so it is required that you use APA style in-text citations in the body of your journal entry, and you need corresponding APA style references at the end of each journal entry.


              1. Describe the main points of each required reading for this week (25 pts).

                2. Describe the real word phenomena you select (15 pts).

                3. Describe how the readings can be used to address the real-world phenomena (10 pts).

                4. Make sure you have APA style in-text citations and corresponding references (minus points for lack of APA style in-text citations and references).

-See the schedule for journal due dates/times. 

Directions: Discuss the effect of facial expressions during in-person conversations also relating to these articles in some way. Cite these articles also.

Facial Expressions effect during in person conversations
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