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Research Paper: Choose from one of the topics listed below and write a research paper ( 4 pages double spaced) due midnight,  Dec 2rd

You MUST use the MLA system of parenthetical documentation and have a Works Cited page. If you are not familiar with the MLA system or if it has been awhile since you used it, you should make your appointment for the Writing Center now. You can also visit Purdue University Online Writing Lab (OWL) which many students find helpful with documentation. You need to incorporate at least 4 sources into your paper. Do not use wikipedia/cliffnotes, etc., as sources.  The literary work itself does not count as a source nor do any comments by our author in our textbook–these would be extra sources. 

Please consider visiting the Writing Center with a draft of your paper before you submit it, especially to go over documentation.  Also make sure you submit your paper as a WORD document.  If you have any questions about this paper, you can post them here or send me an e-mail.

Choose ONE of the following topics analyzing an aspect of the fairy tale genre.  Please note that these topics are general and you will have to limit them.  You may refer to some tales not on or syllabus in addition to those on our syllabus if necessary.


1. Clothes in Fairy Tales

2. Water symbolism in Grimm’s Fairy Tales

3. Mirrors in Fairy Tales

4. Wishes in Fairy Tales

5.  Role of Witches in Fairy Tales

6. Role of Older Women in Fairy Tales

Fairy Tales
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