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The course is Global Studies. Assignment is The Global Issue and Our Sustainability Strategies. The topic is Fast Fashion (in general.)

Provide at least 3 out of 4 perspectives on sustainability lectured or will be lectured in the course i.e. Law, Sociology, Urban Planning and Engineering.

(a)Introduction This section should give an overview about the global issue of your choice and the objectives/purpose of the report.

(b)Main Body This section should be about 70-80% of the entire report. Use this section to address and discuss the writing task (3). You may divide them into sub-sections.

(c)Summary and Conclusions Summarise your report and answer the objectives of the report.

(d)References No limit. This is NOT included in the maximum number pages of the assignment. This will be a list of the references you have cited. Ensure you use good references Wikipedia and newspapers are not good sources. You may use any referencing style, but be consistent. Use only one referencing style for the report.

These are some main issues and ideas to be focused on:

The idea of planned obsolescence and the repercussions in regards to Fast Fashion Industry.
Define the concept with a proper definition and explanation.
An ideology of the west, specifically America and its capitalism / efforts to monetize current societal trends. More sustainable methods were decently followed in countries until the economics didnt make sense anymore. Just unaffordable to support local businesses as Fast Fashion is much more convenient and cheaper. (Their bottom line is a lot higher. They can outplay smaller labels or buy them out right.) Major FF brands have around 52 seasons every year. New clothes come into stores every Monday in stores.

The tie in of Social Media + Incredibly Efficient Brand Ambassadors + Use of Internet.
i.e. How Fashion Nova rose to the top by basically using power of Social Media. No traditional advertising techniques required. Can talk about the social aspects of consumers blindly following FF to fit in or follow the current culture / what celebrities endorse. What we can follow as consumers while still not adding to the problem.
Rise of companies like Daniel Wellington, MVMT, due to marketing techniques and social media influencers; Very rapid business growth. 217 million USD in a year.

Waste Management / Reusability
The lifespan of a single article of FF clothing / How many wears. Some ideas and techniques to better the industry. How much waste and how much damage it is causing. The idea of Greenwashing in Fast Fashion. Companies provide 15% discounts to customers bringing in clothes to recycle. Yet again profiting and adding to the problem.

Need in text references if possible.

Fast Fashion (Global Studies)
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