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Directions:  Using the textbooks, internet resources, and any other resources you collect, evaluate an employee handbook for a business.  This business can be any type of hospitality business.  Do not worry about finding the perfect handbook.  This is an exercise.  The learning will take place by looking at what is correct and what needs to improve.  You must have an introduction, body and conclusion to this paper.

The introduction must include at the minimum: (10 points)
1.    Name of the Company
2.    Location of the Company
3.    Brief overview of the company
4.    An explanation to why you chose the handbook

The evaluation: (20 points)
1.    Did the handbook have the required materials (see below)?  Explain.

The conclusion: (10 points)
1.    Three positive qualities about the handbook you chose.
2.    Three negative qualities about handbook you chose.
3.    Would you use this handbook?  Explain your answer.

Employee Handbook Table of Contents Requirements:
1.    Company overview.

Values, vision and mission statement.
Company history (brief)
2.    Purpose of the Handbook

3.    Disclaimer

4.    Confidentiality Agreement/Intellectual Property

5.    Employment Policies

Including, but not limited to,
Equal Opportunity Employment
Non-Harassment, Non Discrimination & Employee Eligibility
6.    General Employment Information (Including, but limited to)

Standards of Conduct
Work & Pay Schedule
Dress Code
Attendance Policy
Tardiness Policy
Phone Policy
Social media policy
Complaint Process
Employee assessment process
7.    Leave Policies

Sick leave
Other leave policies
8.    Health and Safety Policies

9.    Employee Benefits

10.    Discipline and  Termination Policies (Including, but not limited to)

Open Door policy
Progressive discipline
11.    Acknowledgment Form


Handbook must be typed in 12 font.
All assignment  criteria must be met.
Use proper grammar, punctuation and sentence structure. (7 points).
No late handbooks will be accepted.
Must cite at least 3 sources.  (3 pts)

Final Assessment – Employee Handbook
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