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The essay will consist of 5-6, double-spaced pages,(Note: it is acceptable to go over 6 pages if needed), times roman 12, 1 inch margins linking a case study of ethics and leadership to the class readings. You will need to be diligent and contemplative in selecting an ethics and leadership situation that you will find the most meaning for you to write about. Additionally, the ethics situation that you choose to write about must provide the opportunity to successfully complete this essay assignment as detailed in this link. The essay should identify the ethics concepts of the textbook. Proper citations for the textbook concepts are required to be used. Please do not use actual names of individuals in your essay if you are using a case-study that is personal to you. It is acceptable use actual names for case studies in the book or other public areas. 

Select an ethics situation that you are NOT personally involved with but familiar with the situation.  You can choose one of the following ethics areas for your final paper: 1) An organization or club or group 2) Employment related experience 3) A case study example discussed in the text book (Listed as a Case Study with a blue heading: Example: Case Study 9.1 “Bringing Them Out of the Water and the Darkness:The Wild Boars Soccer Team Rescue”) 4) A case study you are familiar with (history, current or past news/issue at Rutgers or in your hometown, NJ, US, another country). 

Final Paper includes the following sections and should have the following headings in your paper (Section 1 and Section 2,):

1) Section 1: A brief description of an ethics and leadership situation. This includes information about ethics situation and related circumstances. General overview of the situation and other related areas explaining the group context. Section 1 should be no longer than 1-2 pages with proper citations, when appropriate. Do not spend a lot time digging up this information if not readily accessible. Simply describe context of the situation you are writing about.

2) Section 2: The next section should continue your ethics and leadership situation. This section should consist of analysis of linking the ethics situation to the class readings. What happened? Include positive and/or negative aspects; simply tell the story of the ethics situation. Using what you learned from the course; connect the ethics situation to the textbook. Use proper citations as needed. At least five main concepts from the textbook must be included. You are required to use proper citations. Section 2 should be approximately 4-5 pages.

Final Essay
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