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I’ve attached the format for reference

For the final project, for the selected design movement (Italian Renaissance); describe and analyze in three elements:

– Design Board (20 images)
– Essay (5 paragraph minimum)
– Research Bibliography (for both the design board images and the essay, in MLA style) with a minimum of 5 credible sources

For the Design Board

Your design board will consist of the following:

– 20 images that best represent your chosen movement; the images will be arranged with five images in a row and four images in a column
– The images will consist of architectural and design elements, furniture items, decorative objects, textiles, etc., that represent your chosen movement
– Your images may be from a multitude of sources (local/national paper, magazines, snapshots, found objects, photographs, etc.), but need to be scanned or photographed and embedded as digital images in your submitted file

For the Essay

Your essay will address the following:

– A stylistic description of your chosen movement and a brief discussion of why you selected this movement
– A brief biography of any referenced designer(s)
– A description of each item included in your mood board, using relevant terminology/ vocabulary words and analysis of their stylistic characteristics. Why do these examples best represent the period and movement?
– An analysis of the greater socioeconomic and political circumstances that influenced the growth and development of the movement. How did these factors inform the style of the movement?

Your essay will be a minimum of five paragraphs written using the introduction, body/argument, conclusion, and bibliography format

Final – Italian Renaissance
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